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Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

FNaF Wireframe

You liked Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach? You'll love Wireframe. This mod turns the game into a multiplayer pvp mess, allowing you and your friends to play as animatronics chasing Gregorys, or the Gregorys trying to escape the roaming beasts. To crank up the fun even more, discover a multitude of fun game modes, such as hide and seek, the floor is lava, and much more coming soon. So, ready to step in the Pizzaplex and beat your friends to become the very best? Download the mod now!

This mod DOESN'T work on the latest version of FNaF: Security Breach. You MUST have a version from before the RUIN update.
Use DepotDownloader if you have the game on Steam.

Hide and seek

"Okay kids, listen carefully. Those scary monsters roaming in the halls of the Pizzaplex are after you. You need to hide and escape from them until the time runs out! After that, everything's gonna be over and you'll be safe." - Freddy

In this timed challenge, a team of animatronics tries to catch all the kids before their timer runs out! Hiders (The Gregory team) will have to escape, roaming freely in a section of the Pizzaplex. They have access to hiding spots, as well as their flashlights.. but watch out; Animatronics can see the flashlights as well.

The Seekers (The Animatronics Team) will be released shortly after the Hiders spawn in, giving them enough time to hide. They can run around, jumpif playing Roxy or Monty – and jumpscare the other team, as well as having access to night vision.

If all the hiders are found or the timer runs out, the game ends.

The Floor is Lava

"Michael! Don't leave me here! Michael! Michael! Help me-" - William Afton before getting caught by the lava idk

In this special game mode, one team of players need to escape the rising lava at all cost. The last one to survive wins.


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A normal FNaF mode would be cool where you can use the office with Chica, Roxy and Monty idk yk?


FNaF Wireframe
Ever wanted to play as an animatronic against your friends in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach? Well, now you can do that! You can play as either an animatronic and hunt down your friends or as Gregory, trying to survive as long as possible.
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